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Case Results

  • $4.8 Million
    Spine Injury

    Recovery for a spinal injury in disputed liability collision with a commercial van.

  • $3.75 Million
    Spine Injury
    Recovery for spinal injury in a truck wreck case.
  • $2.5 Million
    Back Injury

    Recovery in Dekalb County for a back injury with pars defect.

  • $1 Million
    Serious Injury
    Recovery for a young woman severely injured in a wreck in which she was not wearing her seatbelt.
  • $875,000
    Back Injury

    Recovery in Cobb County for a back injury in low impact collision.

  • $750,000
    Back Surgery

    Recovery for back surgery with a national corporation.

  • $500,000
    Slip & Fall

    Verdict for slip and fall victim. The previous top offer had been $50,000.

  • $150,000
    Soft Tissue Injury

    Verdict for soft tissue injury with John Doe hit and run driver. The previous top offer was $15,000.

  • Confidential Result

    A family severely injured in a deck collapse case.

  • Confidential Result
    Neck and back injury from on the job driver of a worldwide corporation.

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